Tuesday, November 10, 2009

First Dance Class in Over a Year

Well I think the title of this post pretty much speaks for itself. Tonight I took my first dance class in almost a year and a half! The last time I took a dance class was in the Spring of 2008 during my last semester at the University of Colorado-Boulder! I have, of course, missed dance like crazy....I've even mentioned it here on my blog. But for various reasons it just hasn't worked out until now that I start dancing again. I don't want to jinx myself, but I did really enjoy the Advanced Jazz class that I took tonight and plan to sign up for the rest of the month. It was a lot of fun, but hard as heck and I am feeling it already. I know tomorrow I'll probably barely be able to walk, but it'll be worth it. It just takes one class to get me going again, to remind me how much I love dancing, how I need to be dancing, how I am truly not living without it.


Maeskizzle said...

Hey Tyff, I'm glad you're back into dancing. I love it too.

Oh and I just read your post about the cuico kids in the doggie park and all I can think is that they must be covered with germs by now. Dogs piss and crap in there and people let their kids play on the dog toys. GROSS! They all probably have swine flu at the moment, por weones!

Mamacita Chilena said...

Isn't it wonderful getting back into a hobby. You must be having so much fun at dance class! I am really hoping to start playing soccer again. I miss it!

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