Friday, November 13, 2009

Blue & white name tags?

Has anyone else noticed the people in Providencia wearing the blue and white name tags that say "MANTENGASE ALERTA"??? What they heck is this all about?  The rest of whatever their name tags say is too small to read from afar and I am not about to go up and ask them what it is all about.  Seems like something pretty gringo since I have never seen Chileans wear name tags at meetings, let alone on the my guess is that they are foreigners and that it is something church-related.  Does anyone know what it is related to????!!!


P.S. I had planned on posting yesterday but fell asleep at my computer.....


lydia said...

I saw one too here in valpo.
you got me curious so i googled it to find out what its about

jehovah's witness gathering

Tyffanie said...

Thanks for finding out what it was about Lydia!

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