Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hooray for the Birthday Month

November is my favorite month of the year because my birthday is the 21st!  

This year it falls on a Saturday and plans for the celebration are already in the works.  My plan is to do something in Santiago on the 21st and then something in Viña the following weekend in collaboration with my cuñada (sister-in-law) because her birthday is the 27th.  I have more of a concrete idea of what to do here in Santiago, but am still throwing around ideas of what to do in Viña.  In any case, I am still excited because I love that birthdays are the best excuse to get all of your friends together.

Plus I am pretty sure that this will be one of the last birthdays to get excited about seeing as how I will be turning a quarter-of-a-century and well.....with the big 3-0 only five years down the road, eek!  Who wants to turn 30?  I love being in my 20s.  I am not looking forward to my metabolism slowing down and all the stuff that comes with age.  The good thing is that cosmetic surgery exists, but I digress....

The only thing I have never liked about having my birthday in November is that 1. it never falls on Thanksgiving, only the day before and 2. I hate the birthstone (yellow topaz)....a yellow stone? I mean...pluuuueeeeeaaasseeee.....the point in a diamond is that it is colorless.  Why would you ever want a stone that is purposely yellow?  A ruby, sapphire or emerald all make sense, but well I am just not a fan of yellow topaz.  It could have been blue or pink topaz and I'd have no problems.  

But back to the fun things about November......birthdays!  Actually, tomorrow we have a birthday bbq for a friend to go to so I guess that starts the festivities!


Annje said...

Hey! Wanna hear something funny. My daughter's due date was Nov. 21st, but I have some crazy scorpio sisters so I didn't want her to be born until after the 21st. I went into labor on the 21st, but she wasn't born until 4:30 am on the 22nd--but she hasn't obeyed my orders since!

25, yes a quarter of a century is the first big milestone. I just turned 35 and it is not so bad--don't worry! 30's are awesome!

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