Monday, November 23, 2009

The Madness of Last Week...

...and what is looking like this week too.

I have wanted to write lately but there has just been no time.  Last week I was busy every night and then Dulcinea got sick on Thursday which meant I got less tan 3 hours of sleep that night.  She had started to feel better on Friday so we kept our plans to celebrate my birthday with a bbq and friends at the park.  Then yesterday we had Thanksgiving dinner for lunch at our place and in the afternoon went to a goodbye party for a gring who is moving back to the US.  Duclinea seemed to get worse yesterday so we took her to the vet clinic in the evening and I ended up sleeping with her on the floor again.  So apart from looking after my little baby and nursing her back to health, I still have a million other things going on this week and seriously do not know how I will muster up the energy to do them all.  In all honesty, I am not too worried about me...I am more worried about Dulicinea, I have been sick to my stomach too much in the past 5 days worried about her.  If anything, please keep her in your prayers and thoughts.  

Hopefully soon I'll be able to go into more detail about her getting sick, my bday bbq, Thanksgiving celebration and life in general.



Dana Elizabeth said...

GET better Dulcinea! gosh kids always keeping mom and dad up till all hours. :P hope she get better quickly.

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