Sunday, November 8, 2009

Disappointed with the Doggie Park

Remember how excited I was about Parque Bicentenario a few weeks ago? Well we decided to go again this afternoon with some friends who have a puppy (who we had not previously met) and I have to say that I was thoroughly disappointed. Although the weather was not as hot and sunny as that weekend in October, it was decent enough to be outside for sure. But there were hardly any dogs at the park today.....instead it was overrun by cuico (meant in a negative way too) little kids who were playing all over the dog toys and whose parents were just standing around watching them do it! WTF?!?!?!?!!! It is a D.O.G. park....not a kid park. And besides, the kid toys are like 100 meters away from the dog park so take the little brats over there. It is one thing if you bring your kids into the doggie zone to pet the dogs and whatnot, but they should not be climbing on or in any of the toys.

The best thing about today was meeting a new little puppy at the park named Simón, who is a wired-haired mini doxie. He was so cute! Dulcinea of course wanted nothing to do with him or any other dog, but she is getting a bit better. At least she sniffs the dogs now and then walks away.

This time, when we took out her boomerang to play, instead of brining it back to us, she would walk up to whatever stranger was around. She kept going back to this one guy like 10 times in a was so funny.

I hope the next time we go there are actually dogs instead of children running all around because that is when it is fun! If I wanted to be around kids, I would have one for crying out loud.


Emily said...

It was really quite this weekend! Rodolfo and I went on Saturday around 5 and were surprised that nobody was around...on such a nice day on a non-holiday weekend it's usually packed.

And yes, the kids playing on the dog toys (and breaking them because they're too heavy) is annoying.

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