Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wake Up Muscles

Last night was my third dance class since starting back up after over 1.5 years! My muscles and brain are still waking up from what seemed like an infinite sleep meaning that I've been getting quite a few muscle cramps right in the middle of doing a move. We were working on a new piece last night in which I have to do a lift with a male partner. We did the first lift and I got a huge cramp in my back....boy was that fun. And in my first class last week I got a horrible cramp in my hips when we were stretching cuz I overdid it....go figure, right? The nice thing is that it is all coming back...slowly, but surely. I wish it were coming back faster, but whatev. I know it takes time, I just don't have patience and I am super competitive so I want to be the best in my class of course. In the dance we did yesterday, I couldn't get a couple steps which was so frustrating, but I'll get there....and when we have a recital, I'll be sure to let you know so you can come and see me!

Ahhhhh to dance is to live.....


Sara said...

I'm impressed. I've been dying to take a salsa class but I suck so much that it sort of intimidates me.

Maeskizzle said...

Ooh! I feel your pain. My gluteus maximus is in one big knot. I did yoga today and that helped unravel my hamstrings and calves, but my gluts are still bothering me. This may call for a nice hot bath! I suggest one for you too!! And then have Bobadilla give you a massage.

My muscle pain isn't due to exercise, but to a lack of exercise, I believe. I've been in bed most of the week recovering from another bout with my colander toush. I got a flu virus on Sunday and that was all she wrote. But I can assure you I will be recovered for the weekend's festivities. ;)

Cincinnati Chile said...

Good for you!! I love love love dancing. I've never taken a class in my life though (my parents were not good with that kind of thing). S and I were in Chicago recently with some Colombians and they were staring at me all night in amazement at how I it was so weird that a gringa could dance. In Miami recently a DJ from New York gave my friend 2 of his business cards to give to me saying that I needed to be in a video (???). Now she has named me Video Vixen. I'm starting to think I missed my calling but I'm too old now :) hehe.

I swear I could work out all day long in a dance exercise class but make me run or put me in a spinning class and I can't last an hour. I guess it's what you put your mind to and have passion for. Keep at it!!

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