Sunday, September 7, 2008

Foodie much?

So I've declared myself a foodie, after having realized that my life revolves around food. The fact that I plan my day around when and what I will eat seems to be almost sufficient reason enough for this new classification...but, además de esto (in addition to this), here are the other reasons that spurred this self-diagnosis:

  • One of my favorite activities is to eat delicious food, whether it be at a new restaurant, an old fave or in my own kitchen. My husband and I continually spend more money than we should eating at new restaurants in Santiago, en la búsqueda (looking) for rich FLAVORS of exotic food that give variety to the typical, plain Chilean food.
  • I love looking up new recipes to cook, even if I never end up making them.
  • If you’ve seen past posts in my blog, you know that I talk quite a bit about food as it is (pasta primavera, spaghetti, oranges, restaurant reviews, and desserts).
  • The Food Network is my favorite channel ever...and I dearly miss it here in Chile. When I get a chance to watch cable television, the Gourmet channel is my first choice.
  • I totally want to have my own cooking show like Giada’s “Everyday Italian”.
  • I used to want to be a top chef when I was younger, cooking up fabulous desserts and making the presentation meet the flavor level. I soon opted out of this career after learning about the cooking industry. I had a friend, Abbye, who went to Johnson & Wale’s University in Denver for culinary arts and I remember the day she told me that she had to wear her hair back, no jewelry, and no nail polish. I thought, “Four years without jewelry and nail polish? No thank you.” Hahahaha...of course, there was more to it than that...but at the age of 16, that was definitely a huge turn-off to culinary school.

And with this new self-definition, I will be posting recipes which I make and end up loving, including any changes I made to the recipe to suit the lack of resources here in Chile. I will also post any pictures that I happen to take before we dig in (sometimes we just can’t wait for pictures!). Enjoy!!


Maeskizzle said...

Have you read Kitchen Confidential? jejejeje. It's an awesome book. I reccomend it and will lend it to you if you're interested. When I finish reading it, of course.

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