Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pet Peeves

One of the things that drives me absolutely crazy is when people *continually* spell my name (or anyone’s name for all that matters) wrong. I understand when it happens for the first time around (especially with my name), but when the same person makes the same mistakes over and over, to me, it seems like a lack of respect that they can’t even take enough time to take note that the other person’s name is spelled differently.

I’ve been at my job for more than 2 months now and people STILL can’t spell my name right. I mean, ya so it’s a gringa name, but if I can spell their name without problems, why they hell can’t they get mine straight? This also happens with a co-worker from France, instead of putting the double “m” in his name (Emmanuel) as it should be written, they put an “n” and “m” (Enmanuel). Anyway, this is not just a Chilean thing, as people in the States did it all the time to me too!

Now of course I understand a typo here and there....but this is more than that. Perhaps I’m more sensitive to this topic since my name is always being spelled wrong: Tiffany (what people would consider the most “normal” way to write it), Tyffany, Tiffanie,, it is TYFFANIE. Not that hard to learn people! And of course, this little pet peeve of mine has made me very attentive of other people’s names, which is kind of cool because they are always surprised that I remember their name or how it is spelled.

Point of the story: take 5 seconds to see how a person’s name is written and be consistent about it. If the person has an unusual name, ask them how their parents’ choose it, you might be surprised how easily that simple conversation can turn into a friendship.


Mamacita Chilena said...

Definitely understand. I can spell my name clear as day, pronouncing only 4 letters K-Y-L-E (in Spanish) and every single time my name on the Starbucks cup is spelled at with at least 6 letters.

In this U.S. people would always spell my name Kylie, and call me Kylie...even my own grandmother, and it's like, no, ummm, sorry, that is NOT my name. Those are two separate names and I do have a boys name, but that doesn't mean you're allowed to just change it to a girls name because it doesn't fit what you think a female should be called. ARGH.

Tyffanie said...

My grandpa also spells my name wrong on all my birthday/graduation cards or any letter that he sends me!

I guess it´s better than my other grandma who never calls anyone the right name on the first try...."Kelly, I mean Cheryl, I mean Kacy, or Candy (that was a dogs name)....oh oh Tyffanie"---that stuff happens all the time to anyone of us with my gma and she´s young (just a bit kooky)!

Leigh said...
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Leigh said...

I have Chilean friends, meaning people who have actually known me for quite some time, who still think there's a silent "t" on the end of my name. I also get "Is that your real name?" pretty much every time I'm introduced around. When people call me Liz, I don't even bother to correct them sometimes. I think it's impossible for people here to fathom that yes, some women do have monosyllabic names that end in vowel sounds.

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