Saturday, July 5, 2008

EaT, dRiNk, AnD bE mErRy

One of my favorite things to do with Christian is eat a good meal--whether we go out to a restaurant or whether we cook up some comida rica here in the house. Friday after a long day at work, we went out to eat sushi at our favorite spot, Wasabi, which is super close to our house on Manuel Montt. De hecho, it was the first place I ate sushi here in Chile when I was taking Spanish classes and living in Providencia before I started my study abroad program in Viña. I don't to reveal too many details about the place just yet, as I plan to write a review of the restaurant sometime soon...but trust me, it is yummy! It was so nice to go out, just the 2 of us, and have a nice conversation over dinner and drinks. After Wasabi, we went to Cabo Frío, which is a bar across the street. (And again, it is a place I found out about my first 2 weeks in Santiago back in 2006--therefore it deserves a shout out to all of my friends from ECELA: Lara, Anita, Wiebke and everyone else who used to go out with us.)

Saturday I cooked us up some spaghetti that was out of this world. The sauce had ground beef, real tomatoes, red bell pepper, onion, lots of garlic, and zucchini and I combined it with rigatoni noodles. I made so much sauce that I had to cook it in our new wok that we bought last weekend....but oh was it delicious! We had enough for dinner tonight too. good it is to have a home-cooked meal.

A picture doesn't do justice to how good this meal tasted...but I wanted to share it anyway.

The other morning I was making desayuno (breakfast)--I now have my own little routine to get ready for work and be able to leave on time--and for some reason I came up with a several different topics that I'd like to write about and post in my blog. It was amazing how many topics came to mind and so instead of having writer's block, I have a time block (ie. a lack of time). I hope to dedicate more time to developing those themes as I found them to be quite entertaining and worthwhile.

I also wanted to include some pictures of our "new" home here in Santiago. I write new in quotations because in reality, Christian has had this apartment for a year now, but it is now our hogar (home). I love our location in Providencia because we are 2.5 blocks from a metro stop, and close to everything that one would need. Our apartment is nice and cozy, although the kitchen is a bit small, but we manage well. Enjoy the's bed time since tomorrow is the start of another long work week (hopefully better than the last).

The master bedroom, with the lovely pillow covers my mom made us (and snuck into my suitcase for me to find when I was unpacking!).

The master bathroom, which good size with plenty of counter space.

Our living room with the furniture that Christian's sister bought in 2007, we're housing it for now. :)

The guest bedroom and bathroom--if you come visit us, you will sleep here. Oh and that is the washing machine which is connected to the shower in the guest bath.

Out little cocina (kitchen), big enough for 2 people if you don't mind bumping into each other quite frequently.


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