Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quick update

Well I had hoped to write more than 2 posts about Fiestas Patrias last week, but it was a vacation week for me and obviously I was partaking in the celebrations. So for now you´ve got a REALLY good idea about the cueca and not much else, but I´m sure one day I´ll get to the rest. In any case, there is always google if you have a burning desire to know everything about dieciocho right now.

So I wanted to write a quick update (hence the creative name of this post) for anyone who’s been wondering where I’ve been....

  • I have a new job which I just started this Monday! So far it has been going great, I really like the people, the company and the location. I’m right off the Tobalaba metro stop which is even closer to my house than my last job—can’t beat that! My boss is a fellow Chilespouse and she is really smart, so I’m excited to work with her and learn from her. Anywho, I’m in accounting for those of you who were wondering, but not auditing, I’m in internal accounting and working with contracts.

  • I had all of last week off (just a little plus to changing jobs the week of dieciocho) which gave me the necessary time to relax and unwind after my last week at my previous job (uck!).

  • I have been better about going to the gym (she says as she didn’t go yesterday, haha). No, but really, it’s true! Christian and I have been making a solid effort in going to the gym. I started a new cardio routine on the elliptical or bike, which is where I power-house go hard for 1 minute and then go a moderate pace for 1 minute. The good thing is that it really gets my heart rate up and my leg is feeling better. Plus I started lifting weights again which feels good.

  • I have become completely obsessed with wedding details....gathering ideas for invitations or other DIY projects, looking at what other women have done for their weddings, you name it and I’ve been reading about it, or saving pictures on my comp for inspiration. The bad thing with this is that 1. my husband feels left out when I am tied to the computer for hours and 2. I have so many ideas it is overwhelming. Now I’m trying to sort through them all to see which ones will work with our outdoor ceremony and which ones won’t. I don’t want my wedding seeming like a circus of ideas... This also explains a lack of posting last week, as I was full-force researching invitation ideas, printing locations, DIY options, the whole works!

  • Christian and I finally bought plates! They are sooo beautiful and they were our birthday present from my parents (for both of our b-days which are coming up). The plates are still sitting on my dining room table because we have yet to find space in our tiny kitchen for the 30-piece set!

P.S. I came across this awesome giveaway from which is worth checking out. It is super easy to register and you have a chance to win one of 24 BEAUTIFUL handbags! Although I have no realistic hopes of winning, it would be SO cool to actually get any one of these purses. Which one do you think I chose (based on my personality of course)??? Check it out for yourself.


Mamacita Chilena said...

Have you checked out It's a freaking field day over there for wedding invitations and that sort of thing!

I'm so happy for you that you're liking your new job...that makes all the difference in the world!

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