Thursday, September 25, 2008

Opinions Needed--Wedding Photographer vs. Videographer

So my husband and I have come to the realization that for our wedding in the States (which will be in June '09) we prefer to have our item of splurge be our photographer. I spoke about it with some girlfriends last night, and we all came to the conclusion that good money should be spent on a good photographer because really the pictures are what last forever.

As I began researching photographers in Colorado, I also came across several videographers, which are just as expensive as photographers. That would be double the already splurged budget on capturing our wedding day....but I kind of wonder if videographers are worth the money. I mean, they say pictures are worth a thousand words, and it's very easy to make a slide show, etc. with the wedding day pictures that will tell the story of the whole it is really necessary to videotape the whole thing?

What do you guys think?????

If you had a certain budget to stick to, would you pick:
1. an awesome photographer (& spend all your money there), or
2. get both a photographer and videographer with the same money (meaning the quality might not be the same)?


Leah said...

I'd go photographer alone. Yes, videos are great, but it requires more of a talent to take beautiful pictures (at least I think so). Make sure to get a photographer who takes TONS of candids. They're always turn out better. If you still want video, rent/borrow a video camera and see if a friend will do it. Also, leave the disposable cameras on all the tables at the reception for guests to take pictures of each other, you, etc. That way you have pictures of your wedding reception of everyone else too! I am soooo excited for you guys!!!

Mamacita Chilena said...

Well, you know where I stand on this me photography is much more important. But, I guess if you get a videographer who is also an artist like this: guy then I'd say you could maybe forgo the photography. But unless you truly get someone who's amazing, I'd say that typically pictures do a better job of capture the spirit of the day.

I would definitely don't split your budget between the two because then you'll just up with a mediocre video AND blah photos and you won't truly be happy with either. If I were you I would go high end photography, get the best you can for the price, because photography really is one of those things where you get what you pay for...and then like Leah suggested, have a friend do video for free.

Emily said...

I agree with the other comments. Realistically, I would look through photos on a semi-regular basis, but I can't see myself watching my wedding video very often at all. So by that logic alone, spend money on the photog. Do you have any friends who are amateur film-makers? Maybe it's just me, but I have several guy friends who studied film in college and would probably do a decent wedding video pretty inexpensively for me. Or really anyone with a decent eye and a steady hand. You want it to be as good as possible, but at least for me photos would take priority over video.

Megan said...

Another vote for photographer. There are many places to share photos of your day, they are easy to send to friends and family, and more easily accessible when you want to go back and flip through the moment again. I don't know that I've seen any video that beat hands-down the artistry and emotion of a really good photograph.
Spend the money and get a really good photographer, forget the professional videographer and hire somebody from a local film school. There are plenty of students who would love the opportunity, and if they screw up, who cares. You still have some beautiful pictures.

Stephanie said...

I would say go with the photographer. I look at my wedding photos on a regular bases, but we rarely watch our video. I know a great photographer who also does videography. Her prices are fairly reasonable so you might be able to get both without breaking your budget. Her website is if you want to check out her work.
Good luck with everything!

Weather said...

Another vote for photographer. You know I am biased because my husband is a photographer :)

I would rather rely on the collective memories of you, Christian, and your loved ones to capture the magic.

Tyffanie said...

Hi Ladies!
Thanks so much for your opinions! If you have any recommendations of photographers, please send them my way! I really appreciate you advice!!


Sarah said...

Definitely photographer! My sister and brother both got married two years ago and I know they have looked at the photos a lot and so have family and friends. Both have videos and I think have maybe watched them once, if that. It is a lot less time consuming to flip through a photo album then watch a 45 minute video. I would say for sure get a great photographer.

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