Saturday, July 12, 2008

Restaurant Review: Wasabi

Location: Manuel Montt 195, Providencia, Santiago,

Category of Food: Sushi, Japanese

Quality of Food: Wasabi is one of the best restaurants that I have eaten at here in Chile—obviously there is a reason it is one of my favorites. The food is always fresh (something that is supremely important when you’re dealing with raw fish) and the flavors awaken the mouth. Normally, we choose rolls with salmon and shrimp, but we’ve even had eel and tuna, which were both delicious too. One of the best aspects about Wasabi is that there are various rolls where you can pick if you want them covered in sesame, palta (avocado), or masago (which I love!). The appetizers are tasty as well—if we decide to splurge for the entradas, we normally get chicken gyozas or the sesame chicken. And for the record, any restaurant in Chile, that has sesame chicken that is similar to what I used to eat in CO, is typically a good restaurant in my book. Although that mostly relates to Chinese food (and that topic I will save for later), Wasabi has a variety of dishes apart from sushi. I haven’t actually tried any of them, but I’m sure they are just as good. Overall, my sushi cravings have increased in frequency and urgency thanks to the fact that we live a mere 10 minute walk from this scrumptious lugar (place).

The Perfect Meal: Chicken Gyozas, Ebi Cheese Roll, California Cheese Roll, Spicy Sake Roll and of course extra wasabi on the side!

Atmosphere: The ambience in Wasabi is just what it should be when one eats sushi—tranquil, clean, and inviting. When it is nice enough, they have tables set up outside and the nice thing about that is they have a giant oning that gives you shade while you eat. The inside of the restaurant is the perfect size. It has a several booths, regular tables for two, and a secret location with big comfortable chairs and a table. The waiters are attentive (OJO—for Chilean standards) and the bill comes in a cute little basket with a lid. The rectangular clear and green dishes with chopsticks that decorate the table demonstrate the cleanliness of the restaurant. And the best part of it all is there is NO smoking allowed inside.

Average price of a meal: CH$15.000 to CH$20.000 in total (that is roughly $30 to $40 US dollars); average price per roll CH$3.5000 ($7 USD)

Price of a Pisco Sour: CH$2.000 (or $4 USD)

Promotions: None that I am aware of, but they do have delivery.

Things that come to mind when I think of this restaurant: Mouthwatering, smooth, palta, cream cheese, satisfaction, heaven, and the closest thing to Hapa’s Multiple Orgasm Roll (yes, that REALLY is the name—ask anyone who has gone)!


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