Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fin del Mundial

Well the World Cup may be over for Chile (and the US), but I am still going to post the pictures of our celebrations for the games!

First we have Dulcinea in her awesome sweater that Gaby & José gave her for her bday:
Here is what it looks like up-close:

The family pic I promised on the first day that Chile played:

Now, onto the work celebration pictures from the 2nd game celebration:

This would be the 42" flat screen my work is giving away to the person who guesses the winner of the the World Cup. If more than 1 person guesses right, they are doing a drawing. I picked Argentina....so let's hope they win!

Walking home after the third game last Friday afternoon:

And that is how Chile does it when it comes to the World Cup. Even though I am not a true soccer fan, I sure had a good time participating in all the fun!


dregonzrob said...

Great pics Tyffanie!! Loved Dulcinea's sweater!! SO CUTE!

sarabeck said...

I love the one of your little Dulcinea in her Chile sweater. Too cute. I just love clothes for dogs. They look like little people. That's the point, I think :p

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