Monday, June 14, 2010

Bummed Out

So I joined the gym two weeks ago and I have been super excited about going, trying new classes and getting to lift weights again.  I even started pretty relaxed because I knew that if I didn't start slowly, I could end up injured since I haven't hit the gym for months now.  I started taking a yoga/pilates class that is very low impact, but still a challenge.  It feels so good to stretch out in that class.  The teacher also has us meditate for about 10 minutes at the end and it is glorious.  I have been wanting to start mediating at home but I just haven't gotten started for several "reasons" which should be read as excuses.  In any case, going to this class 2 times a week is definitely helping get started and I enjoy the guided meditation.  I also started going to Baile Entretenido ("Fun Dancing" as it translates literally) which is a cardio class of popular dancing.  In the US that might mean line dancing and the like, but in Chile, it means salsa and reggeaton.  You definitely get your heart rate up and it is a fun way to burn off stress.  Especially compared to the treadmill or elliptical....both of which bore me to death.  

Anyway, after the first week at the gym, my knee started hurting a bit.  I decided to go easy on it and not do a lot of cardio.  But it still hasn't gotten better in the week of practically all rest.  I did lift weights and do abs, but no impact and the darn thing is hurting more and causing my hip to hurt too.  It is so frustrating because I don't want to stop going or give up the routine that I have just gotten into, but it looks like this week I am going to have not do any lower body or abs and see if my hip and knee recover.  So ya, even though I can do upper body weights, I am still bummed out.



dregonzrob said...

That IS frustrating! Maybe it has something to do with how long you hadn't been working out vs the intensity at which you returned to doing so.
I hope you feel better soon!
BTW, which gym did you join?


Heather said...

Hey Tyffanie-

Good for you for jumping right into all of this new training! My rookie advice is to still do the yoga/pilates low impact stuff if you can. It's really the only type of exercise that I'm really consistent with and it has helped me so much over the last few years. Also, thanks for linking up all of the yummy healthy recipes. I can't wait to try some new stuff!


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