Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Help Chile Before Midnight!

So tonight at midnight our earthquake relief fundraiser ends. That means that you need you buy your picture today if you haven't already!!!

Today also marks the end of the earthquake-only related posts. That is not to say I won't continue to write about the earthquake and aftershocks because these events have affected me and continue to be a part of my life. But it means that I will also start blogging about other things outside of this crazy experience.

I am happy to report that we still have picture sales coming in! We are just shy of the $500 mark and I think we can hit it if those of you who know you want to get a picture do so today! This is very exciting and Christian and I are thrilled that you have all joined to help us help Chile. So thank you to those who have purchased a picture through us or donated in any other way possible. For those of you who are on the end of purchasing--all it takes if $4. The prices of a Starbucks coffee or a Nº. 1 at McDonalds (which might even be more than that). Even with that small of a purchase you help out in a BIG way!

I have added more links the interesting articles about the earthquake in case you feel like reading. I also listed a few other organizations at the end of my post yesterday that are accepting donations to Chile in case you prefer to donate through them.


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