Wednesday, March 10, 2010

12 Days After the Earthquake

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It has been 12 days since the 8.8 grade earthquake that literally rocked our world. My nerves have begun to calm down and although I am not as stressed out as before, I sure am exhausted as all heck. I tried to relax during the weekend, but still didn't get much sleep as we had an awesome wedding to go to on Saturday night. One of my good friends was getting married and no earthquake was gonna stop her! Both her and groom looked smokin' hot (as you can see in the pictures) and we had a great time celebrating with them.

That said, I was tired even beginning the week on Monday. Last night I came home and did nothing--drank some wine, ate some Nutella, all while watching episodes of The Big Bang Theory. Then I did something I haven't done in a few weeks: go to bed by 10pm. That definitely helped me recuperate, but then I had a crappy & stressful day at work so whatever I recuperated was once lost again. I will stop complaining now, because I could be way worse off--I could not have a house or a job or food like some of the people who lost everything in the earthquake & tsunami. And with that, here are some other updates regarding life after the terremoto:
  • Our gas got turned back on this past Thursday after a careful revision by the gas company. That meant we could take hot showers and cook again. We hadn't turned in the keys to our old apartment and were going over there to shower since the gas wasn't affected there.
  • The elevator got fixed last Friday....hooray! Not that climbing 11 flights of stairs wasn't good for my legs and my lungs, but let's just face the fact that having an elevator makes life just a bit sweeter.
  • The aftershocks continue. Some days there are a ton and some days barely any. In fact, since about Friday, I hadn't been feeling many at all, which has greatly helped my nerves calm down. But they keep coming. Last night there were two stronger yet shorter ones. Sometimes I wonder if I am not feeling them because I just feel like everything is moving all of the time. Seriously. When I am at work I constantly think there is a tremor, I feel the ground (or rather my desk/building) and see vibrations in things. I think that is why I have missed the real tremors that there have body has converted to making me thing there are tremors all the time!
  • Two of our really good friends moved back to the US. :( We are happy for them, of course...but sad for us! Their original flight got delayed after the earthquake and they got put on another flight on Sunday. I got word from them on Monday that everything went well.
  • I am SO glad today is Wednesday and that this work week is almost over. I have been stressed out at work all week and don't necessarily foresee an end to that. I have been working on the same project all week with a million changes coming from all angles. Ugf! It has been so frustrating. I just want to move on to my other projects.
  • We have another wedding to attend this weekend! This is very exciting. Another one of my good friends is getting married to her Chilean novio so more fiesta fiesta is coming up.
Not much else is new. There is only 1 week left in the picture sales campaign that we have put together so please please please buy your pictures now! Help us help Chile!!!


dregonzrob said...

I want you/us to get a hold of that sense of normalcy again ... today is NOT helping matters.
Hope you and your family stay safe!

Maeskizzle said...

That's scary you guys had such a strong aftershock!!! I'm glad we aren't there anymore, but I also worry about you guys and V's family.

I feel the ground move from time to time still. And the ground is definitely not moving here! All my imagination. And when we went thru immigration in Miami, I was finding Earthquake damage on the ceiling, until I remembered where we were. hahaha

Have a nice weekend!!!

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