Sunday, March 7, 2010

Buin Community Cheers on Caravan of Aid Trucks Heading South

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Christian found this video on Youtube of the whole community of Buin cheering on the caravan of aid trucks heading down south last night after the Teletón had doubled the amount of money it intended to raise. It's SO amazing to see how united and excited everyone is that we raised approx. $60 million dollars to aid the relief efforts!!!! It just gives me the chills!!!


Lou said...

Oh Tyffanie! I got to share this on facebook! I hope you don´t mind! Great video! It´s so amazing to see how everyone in Chile is so united and helping together. Love it!

Tyffanie said...

Of course! Share with everyone! It isn't my video, my husband found it on youtube and I just had to post it :)

Lou said...

It´s great! It just brings a tear to my eye to see how Chile is responding in the help efforts. Man those truck drivers must have felt like heros lol!

Annje said...

Oh, this made me cry in a good way. It is so good to see a response like this. We had a fund-raiser in Austin last night, it was amazing to see how many people showed up. It looks like we raised over $7000, which is incredibly heartwarming.

lydia said...

me too i posted it, very powerful video.

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