Sunday, March 7, 2010

Donation to La Teletón

**Updated with more pictures of actually going to make the donation yesterday.**

The Santander Bank teamed up with Banco de Chile for the Teletón. All branches were open, some the full 24 hours, and others just very extended hours. Above is the Santander branch that we went to in Providencia.

Here I am, being Vanna White by the Teletón sign before going in to make our big donation!

As promised, here is the receipt from the donation we made yesterday to La Teletón:

$151,650 Chilean pesos is approximately $303.30 US dollars!!! So awesome!!! Thanks for the support everyone. This includes the funds raised from the picture sales from March 3rd to March 5th.

The fundraiser will keep going until March 17th. Our goal is to raise a total of at least $500 dollars, if not more. The rest of the donations will go to Red Cross Chile and Un Techo Para Chile.

In other news, La Teletón was EXTREMELY successful this year. The program, which lasted 24 hours, was hosted by Don Francisco (of the "Sábado Gigante" show), had a goal of raising $15,000,000,000 Chilean pesos (approx. US $30 million dollars). The actual amount raised was DOUBLE that number......yes, all of Chile, famous people from all over the world (Evo Morales from Bolivia, Juanes, etc.) plus those of you who participated through other programs to donate helped Chile raise $60 million dollars in relief aid!!!!!

Last night we went to the wedding of some friends here and apart from being so happy to celebrate with them, it touched me that the groom made a toast sharing the news of El Teletón to all of us attending and letting us know how much it has touched him. In fact, his parents were in one of the coastal towns completely wiped away, but they were safe and at the wedding. He was very grateful for that, as I am sure you can imagine. It just goes to show, what an amazing couple they are, to be thinking about others on their important day.

Bottom line.....keep up the help!!!! Even the smallest purchase helps in a big way :)


Mamacita Chilena said...

I agree, I thought it was really amazing that Rodolfo made the Teleton toast too. I was actually wondering if the Teleton had ended or not and if they had made their goal. Good work on raising so much!

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