Sunday, July 25, 2010

Must See: The Story of Cosmetics

After watching this, I just had to post it and you MUST see it. Consider it part of my interesting links post from earlier today. Once you watch it, check out this website and click on "What You Can Do" to help fight for better products to be put on the stores' shelves.


Napa Valley Wife said...

Thanks for sharing such an interesting video!

Holly said...

I'm sure that there are harmful ingredients in many cosmetics and even food that we eat everyday, and that companies really only have their self-interests in mind. However, I'm also skeptical of the hypochondriac attitude many people are adopting about everything--organic foods, carcinogens, "green" cleaning products. It's such a craze now it makes me wonder if the companies who are championing this new "eco-friendly", "all-natural" movement aren't the one funding the scientist who discover the vaguely referenced "links to cancer" that the chick mentioned in this video. I know I'm just a skeptic, so thanks for posting something so thought-provoking!!

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