Friday, July 30, 2010

Flashback Friday: GoldRush Dance Team

Hmmmm if you know me at all (or keep close tabs on this blog), you know I was a dancer and that I miss it more than ever. Even though I may have started my training late in the game, I advanced pretty quickly (in ballet) and seriously considered double-majoring in Dance. Actually, that was the plan all along--double major in Dance and Business....but in the end, I didn't like CU's dance program all that much because it is really modern focused (and not even like "modern" that most people think of, they take modern to a whole new level). Plus it would have taken me even longer to graduate since both majors required absolutely different classes (apart from the business & dance classes which obviously would be different). Anyway, the whole dance major didn't work out. But that didn't stop me from keeping dance in my life.

Right before Freshman year I tried out for CU's varsity dance team, Express. There were like 300 girls who tried out and it was my first audition of any kind. Needless to say I was a bit overwhelmed, especially with all the amazing dancers there. I mean, many of the girls who make this team go on to dance on the professional teams like the Denver Bronco Cheerleaders (I tried out for them too!). I didn't get on the varsity dance team, but then I auditioned for a different dance team on campus (there were 3 at that time--the varsity team, the club sports team Buff Gold, and the danceline for the marching band GoldRush). I made the cut for GoldRush and was super excited at the opportunity to dance during the half-time shows at our football games among other events.

I really enjoyed the year I was on the team and the people I met. It definitely made for an awesome Freshman year. I thought it'd be fun to share some pictures from that unforgettable year. Pardon the quality, these were taken on those old school film cameras and then scanned!

Our biggest game of the year: CU vs. CSU in 2003 at Invesco Stadium, home of the Denver Broncos. Number of people attending the game: over 71,000

Action shot of us on the field in front of everyone. I'm the girl on the left (not the one that is cut off though).

Before the K-State game:

Before heading out on the field during the K-State game:

Dancing during a different game at CU's stadium:

Two group shots....can you find me in each??


lydia said...

jej your hair is much lighter, it throws me off in recognizing you even in the ones you already told me haha. i would have said you are none of those girls in the first pic!!

and there are SOOO many people in that audience. wow.

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