Sunday, July 25, 2010

Interesting Articles

I haven't posted links to interesting articles in a while, so here are a few I have found through the various blogs I read:

Too much milk? -- Discusses the two viewpoints on milk. If you never gave a second thought that milk could be bad for you or that there was a flipside to the coin of all those milk mustache adds, this article does a great job at summing them up in addition to stating where science actually is within the whole debate.

Drinking green tea really might help burn off extra weight -- Not sure I could drink 4 cups of green tea a day, but the article brings up evidence that if true, is pretty cool considering green tea is natural.

On beans, rice, and everything you ever wanted to know about protein quality -- This brings me back to my Nutrition class in college that I took with one of my best friends Staci. If you don't know much about protein and getting good quality protein, this article will give you a basic overview.

USDA Admits Link Between Antibiotic Use by Big Ag and Human Health -- Ok seriously, this is pretty much enough for me to stop eating meat any other big ag products. I mean, really are you that greedy that it is necessary to pump the animals full of hormones just so you can produce more? That is just terrible. And I know it's been going on for a while, but I guess I was just never that conscious about it before. Oh and a big thanks to them for continuing to fuel the antibiotic resistance epidemic.

A rose may be a rose but perhaps a calorie's not a calorie -- Whoa, this is really cool. This study shows that eating the same amount of calories from processed foods or whole foods does not mean the body is effectively consuming the same amount of calories.

Artificial sweeteners, including Splenda, are not good for you -- This isn't just one article, I have come across many (like this one). And it makes me sad to find out Splenda (sucralosa) is not good for you. It has its bad side effects, even if they may not include producing cancer like aspartame. It is also super processed, which makes it not anywhere near natural. We are all better off consuming a few calories from natural sweeteners like honey, non-refined sugar, etc. than trying to be calorie-free by using these artificial sweeteners which actually may cause you to crave more sweets and bad calories. I think the hardest place for me to cut out these sweeteners is in gum, but we all know the gum in Chile sucks so it isn't as if I chew that much here anyway. If you want to get off artificial sweeteners, check here. Otherwise look at the affects of each type of artificial sweetener thanks to The Daily Burn Blog:

Infographic by

Study proves that organic tomatoes are more nutritious than non-organic tomatoes -- Even just reading the abstract will tell you the bottom line of the study. No wonder the tomatoes from Jumbo and Lider have ZERO flavor and zero color. Anyone who has started to eat whole non-processed foods can vouch for the fact that besides being more nutritious for you, they are WAY more flavorful.

Supersize Me -- Ok, this one is not an article, but a documentary from 2004. I know, I know, I am way late jumping on the bandwagon to see this movie now. But the hubs and I watched it Friday night. If you haven't seen it, watch it. We all know fast food isn't "good" for you, but seriously you will be surprised at just how BAD it is for you and more so how HARMFUL it is to your body. Props to this guy for putting himself through this. The documentary is light and sometimes funny even though it touches on a really important topic to not just Americans, but the whole world. Chileans could stand to watch this movie as well. Although I'd like to add it not only fast food, but all the bread, sugary drinks and mayo that they eat here. No wonder children's obesity in Chile surpassed that of the US, which Kyle discussed here.


Holly said...

These are all super interesting! I love talking about this kind of stuff...I've been telling my mom for years that the diet sodas filled with sweet-n-low and splenda are bad for her.

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