Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Doggie Web-Cam

Yes, you read that right....at the end of tonight, we just may have a doggie webcam in place to be able to "watch" our little one during the day when she is home alone. My creative husband has come up with the idea and is in the process of installing this device over our master bathroom. It will be connected to the server (extra computer) that we have at home and his idea is that we can check in on Dulcinea throughout the day to see how she is doing.

Kind of weird, but it will be nice to be able to see her while we are at work. We leave her in the master bathroom during the day with her bed, water, toys and newspaper to do her business. She is still too little and waaaaaayyyy to destructive to be left alone in the whole apartment. If she is out of the bathroom, she has to be constantly supervised. She loves to sink her teeth into my slippers, Christian's slippers & work shoes, electric cords (can you say dangerous?) and her travel bag. No matter how many times we say No, sternly or not, she just doesn't get it--or rather, she doesn't care.

This evening she went for another "walk" in our hallway and did pretty well. A couple times she tried to get stubborn on me and just stopped walking because I hadn't given her a treat for a while. But she soon learned that mommy is in control and she must walk when told. There were plenty of treats to go around, I just don't want her to get in the habit that the lease = treats. Before bed I also need to brush her sharp little teeth. We bought her some doggie toothpaste, and she loves the flavor which is an important part in the whole process. We didn't buy the toothbrush yet as we figured we'd get started with our fingers first and then introduce the brush.

Since yesterday was like Day 1 of Dulcinea staying at home alone, there were lots of tears involved. I think she must have cried all day, the poor thing. But today she did much better. Daddy came home around 10ish and found her playing happily with her toys. He returned during lunch time and again, no tears. When I got home this afternoon though, she was crying a bit. But at least we know it wasn't all day. I know she'll get used to the routine quickly, it just breaks my heart to hear her cry.

Well I can see it is getting close to her bed time as she has stopped playing with her toys and biting everything in sight. That means it is time to brush some dachshund teeth and put her to bed.


Amanda said...

AWwww. Doggie webcam, that's so cute.

We kennel Simon. Otherwise our apartment would be in shambles.

Varun said...

Hi. Came across your blog post through a Google alert and thought I'd write in with a suggestion. Try HomeCamera (www.homecamera.com) - it's free and I know of a number of folks who're using the service to watch over their pets.

Hope this helps. (And yes, I *am* affiliated to HomeCamera but that doesn't take anything away from the validity of the suggestion - do take a look, the service is legit and well recommended).


- Varun.

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