Monday, September 7, 2009

Help Us Choose!!!!

So as I mentioned, we got our professional wedding pics in the mail and I looked through all 889 of them yesterday! I started picking out the ones I liked best to get printed and to hang in the house and go along with our revamping.....BUT, I have 53 picked out! Obviously we can't print all 53 to put in the house, so I'm turning to you all for help! Please take a look at the pics and let me know which ones are your fav--or which ones you think we should hang in our apartment!

To give you an idea, we have the following frames to fill--so feel free to name more than 1 favorite:
1--4x6" frame
1 frame that has three 2x3" openings

We also want to get one of these pictures printed huge---like 16x20" or something like that.

You can either leave a comment here after looking at the slideshow below, or commenting directly on the pictures you like within the album.


Christian said...
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Christian said...

Elegí 4 Fotos:

45 (Para imprimirla Gigante!)
8 (me gusta el efecto)

Una de las 2 ultimas por la Mariposas, que me encantan!!!


lydia said...

Some of my favorites are
i looove 50, you look gorgeous and its cute, fun, and your smile looks genuine

I personally would enjoy having a large print of one that not only shows the two of you but also has a scenery focus just because I think those work well in large sizes and aren't overwhelming. (36, 6, 39)

i think it might be fun for the frame with multiple openings to do a set of a few different aspects of the wedding... like the socks, one of the rings, or an individual of each of you, etc..

let us know of course!

Anonymous said...

Eight was I think the best for hanging-- dramatic, both of you are there, and artistic.

NoëlO said...

T + C:

We like in order:
and we really loved 53, but couldn't envision it as a 16 X 20.

We hope all is well your way!

C + N McDonnell

Mamacita Chilena said...

I can't remember the number and now can't get the slideshow to work but I'm guessing it's 8. I know it was 1 I'd the first ones and you guys were standing on a cliff!

Sarita said...

The pics are awesome.

7,8,30,37,40 and 45 would be amazing to blow up.

47 is really good too.

Bye the way Sebastian and I are moving back to Chile in December, at least for a year, so we will definitely have to catch up soon.

Hope things have been good for you both!

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