Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's Official--Parents are coming to visit!!

My parents will be coming down for Christmas and New Years!!!!!

Actually....it's been official for a couple weeks now, but I just never got around to writing about it. The tickets were purchased in August making everything official. We are super excited to share the holiday season with them, especially since it is the exact opposite of our typical one. In general, a Colorado Christmas & NY is snowy and super cold...

(Christmas 2007--Christian's first trip to the USA)

...but here in Chile, it is hot and dry.

(Christmas 2008--Viña del Mar)

We haven't decided what our plans will be for Christmas yet, but we are for sure going to Viña for the New Years celebration. You seriously cannot miss that if you are in the Central Region of the country.

(New Years 2006/07--Cerro Recreo in Viña del Mar)

We are thinking about traveling down south (around Pucón/Temuco) since it is so beautiful and there are a ton of things to do. My parents live in el campo (the countryside) in Colorado, so I know Santiago will not be their favorite place (heck, I'm a city person and it isn't even my favorite place). That part of Chile is definitely similar to where they live and I think we'd have fun going horse-back riding, river rafting, etc. I kind of wish we'd go up north to San Pedro since I've never gone and that is like the one part of Chile I have left to see. But the sun is my Dad's enemy so I don't think it'd be too smart to take him to a desert. Plus San Pedro is a whole helluva lot further away than Pucón. Now that we have little Dulcinea, traveling has become so much more difficult. So I really don't think there is any way we could to go San Pedro so soon. She needs to be much older for us to leave her with someone or in a kennel and by December, she'll only be 6 months old. If we travel to Pucón/Temuco, we plan on renting a car, which will be by far the most comfortable option for all involved.

The best part about my parents coming to visit (apart from the fact they will be visiting, of course!) is that it is my Dad's first time out of the country. In all his 50 years, he has never left and never thought he would. But now he is coming to Chile and it is so special! I can't wait....we get to show him life in Chile and share an important part of us as a couple since we have spent practically all of our relationship here.

If you have any suggestions for fun things to do in Pucón/Temuco or surrounding areas, as well as things to do in Santiago/Viña, let me know. I want to start making a list of fun things for use to do and for my parents to be able to do when Christian and I have to work. Obvious trips are Isa Negra Neruda Museum, a vineyard visit (suggestions?), Viña for New Years as previously mentioned.....and, that's about it so far.

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Mamacita Chilena said...

My family came for christmas 2 years ago and we went to Pucon. For outdoorsy people there is so much to do!

Emily said...

That's so exciting! I didn't realize they'd never been here before...you guys are going to have a blast. Last time my family came, we went to viña Santa Rita. It's a gorgeous setting, and the restaurant was delicious (the tour is free, but you are required to have lunch there with I think a $15.000 minimum, which I thought was fair for the quality). And of course I highly recommend a tour with La Bicicleta Verde :)

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