Monday, September 28, 2009

Back to Monday

Geeze, the weeks and weekends are just flying by these days. We are already at the end of September and I feel like January was yesterday. This past weekend definitely went quickly, especially since it was only 2 days. The good thing is in 2 weeks, we'll have another 3 day weekend....gotta love all the holidays in Chile.

Friday night we went to Melissa's bbq birthday party. It was also a combo going-away party since she left for Thailand on Saturday for 1 month. While we didn't stay very late, it was fun and the dips that Melissa made were awesome! Who knew that palmitos could replace artichoke hearts in the spinach dip without too much difference?

Saturday we stayed in bed most of the day, hahaha....our favorite weekend thing to do with Dulcinea. Although she is sleeping in her carrier at night, it is placed in between us so she is technically still sleeping in bed with us. In the afternoon, Christian had a photo shoot with Brittany and her boyfriend. I went along to help carry stuff and see how it went. We spent about an hour in Parque de las Esculturas and around that northern part of Pedro de Valdivia. Then we went to Starbucks to warm up cuz it was cold out on Saturday. In the evening, we went to Sarah's bday party at Basic Bar. Christian and I were pumped for the burritos and french fries and then we found out they don't serve Mexican food there anymore! It has moved to the "new" restaurant called California on Las Urbinas in Providencia. Needless to say, we were bummed, but then we ordered a hamburger and the fries were just as good.....I don't know how they came up with parmesan garlic french fries but they are amazing. Nothing healthy of course, but to die for.

Yesterday was the typical Sunday routine--grocery store, lunch, skyping with my parents, and cooking lunch for this week. I also made some hummus for Tuesday night since I'm hosting the Spanish-English exchange. I also made the casera pita chips to go with it, which are always delicious.

Well it's Monday morning....time to work. End of the month = busy days.


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