Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Cuica

This past week and weekend I spent most of my time with Dulcinea. Christian was helping out with an family activity that his work put on for the kids and so he was quite busy all week. He was also at work all day on Saturday for the actual event. So it was me a Dulcinea. Mommy and daughter.

It's surprising that we've only had her for 1 week today. I feel like it has been forever already, but nope--only 7 days. We already expect so much out of her, the poor thing, but we are realizing that she won't be trained over night. We were giving her tap water in her bowl and noticed that she didn't like to drink it. So we would wet her food each time she ate so that she would get some water at least. Then we decided to give her some mineral water (sin gas, of course) to see if she'd drink it and guess what? She loves it. Christian's reaction: "OMG, she's so cuica!". (For those of you who don't speak Chilean, cuica is like stuck-up or richy-rich, someone who always has to have the best of everything.)

Well, we can't really do anything about it, but give her the water she likes. But it really makes me wonder what is in the tap water that even a dog won't drink it. Maybe I should stop drinking it?! We could look into getting a filter for the water...

Today, we put on her harness and had her first lesson of walking on the leash. Since she can't go outside yet (doesn't have all her shots and I def don't want her to get sick from all those stray dogs in Santiago), we decided to practice in the hallway of our apartment floor. Here are some candid pictures, thanks to Christian B Photography, of the little one getting her walk on. She did surprisingly well, probably because "treats" were involved in the process. But that is how they learn. Anyway, her treats are just her food. Now on to the pics:

Walking just like a big girl.

I love the way her head is cocked to one side.

Looking up at Mommy to see what to do next.


Emily said...

We bought a Brita filter, and it makes the water taste SO much better. Also, Lola has no problem drinking from her bowl, but she prefers running water. She always comes into the bathroom when we're in there and stares at the shower until we turn it on and hold it so she can drink from it!

Amanda said...

Oh my god so cute!

We do the whole brita thing, too. Simon's the opposite. The dirtier the water, the more he wants it. He's so happy lapping up muddy puddle water or gross lake water.

nyGRINGAinCHILE said...

it's so funny how picky animals are about their water. baby, my precious cat face, prefers icy cold fresh water straight out of the tap. in fact, if i look at her and say "do you want a glass of water" she runs over to me and, yes, then starts drinking out of a glass of water which i provide for her. she also enjoys drinking out of our papyrus plant, our bathroom toilet (not the 2nd bathroom) and running water but only if i'm watching her and put it on really lightly. Your little puppy is so precious. i'm so wanting a dog right now.

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