Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chilespouse Anniv Dinner Sans Photos

Monday night was the Chilespouse Anniversary dinner. I went straight from work with my boss, a co-worker and another gringa over to Zanzibar, a top restaurant in Vitacura that I have been dying to go to. A few weeks ago, when I put the dinner plans on my calendar, I thought "I better take my camera with me. This'll be a great dinner". And low and behold...guess what was the one thing I didn't take with me? Yes, my camera.


I was already at work when I realized I left my camera at home and it was too late to run back home and get it. Heck, it was about time to leave for the dinner when I rememberd. Oh well.
Lucky for me, someone else did not forget their camera and not only that, she wrote an awesome article about our group. Check it out at Cachando Chile .

It really was a fab evening. Got to see a lot of peopla that I haven't seen in months. Met some new faces. Ate yummy curry (although I seriously think we need a side of rice to go along with that dish). I even won a doorprize. Can't wait till next year. The 10 year anniversary will be a blow out I'm sure!


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