Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Saving Grace of Being Foreign in Chile: Chilespouses

Want to know what made has made life 10 times easier to adjust to in Chile? What has helped me find everything from great doctors, to a trustworthy housekeeper, to where to by organic food or corn tortillas (since they are not readily available in stores here), to my fabulous job to awesome twenty-something gringas who also live here?? Chilespouses, an online forum of over 500 English-speaking foreign women partnered or married to Chileans and living here indefinitely (boy that is a mouthful). I have been a part of the group for almost 2 years now and can attest to its amazing-ness. Without it, things would still be much more frustrating because the datos (or tips) that I get through the group are reliable. I don't have to worry about bad service or flaky people.

A fellow Chilespouse wrote a great article describing us. You can read it here (there is even a video included!).


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