Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our Best April Fool's Day Prank

For some reason, I remembered that today is April Fool's Day.  Living in Chile means I quite often forget about all of those "fun" holidays that we celebrate in the US.  April Fool's Day is normally one of them, as is St. Patrick's Day, among others.  But today, I reminisce about the best April Fool's Prank I have ever pulled off, in conjunction with Christian.

Three years ago we were with my Chilean host family at a friends house for an asado.  After eating, we were bored so we decided to surf the web.  Then it occurred to us that we should plan a "fake" wedding and invite all of our friends on Facebook.  So that is exactly what we did.....we researched a cabaña resort in Olmue, Chile where many events are hosted.  We made an event invitation on Facebook, telling everyone that we had secretly went to the Registro Civil and gotten married.  The Registro Civil is like the courthouse in Chile.  I don't remember many of the details, but I think we made the date of the reception only a week or two into April and just for the hell of it, I also invited friends from back home, knowing they would not be able to travel to Chile.  

People freaked out and totally believed us!  It was hilarious....I don't know how many times I busted into a crying laughter from the hilarity of it all.  One friend from back home saw my sister at the grocery store and was like "OMG I didn't know your sister had gotten married!"  So then my sister went home and told my parents....hahahaha.  They had no idea of our little prank whatsoever.  Our facebook pages and event were full of congratulatory messages.  I think we might have even changed our status to Married too.

I don't remember how long we let the little charade go on (maybe a day or two), but when we eventually told people it was a joke, we realized how seriously they had taken it.  One Chilean friend had already been in contact with family members to find a car to drive to the reception.  Lydia said she was worried about what shoes she would wear.

We ended up sending an email to my parents to let them know about the prank.  They didn't quite know what to think when my sister had mentioned it to them but I am sure they were relieved to know it wasn't real.  Oh man.....I don't think we'll ever pull a better prank.  I kind of don't even want to try.  In reality, I am not a big prank person nor is it imperative for me to participate in April Fool's Day jokes....but something about the situation three years ago make it work out.

Oh the adventures of study abroad......



dregonzrob said...

Oh you guys!
I'm surprised your parents didn't FREAK OUT even more!
So does that mean that when you did actually decide to get marry and planned it all out ... people thought you were kidding?
I'm not a big fan of April Fools'... though now I'm thinking I should post on FB that I'm preggers and REALLY FREAK people out! Hahaha!!
April 1st is wickedly fun!

lydia said...

heels make me taller than Angel.... not to mention what the hell would i get him to wear to a wedding? i can hardly get him to put a shirt on.

indeed it was a good prank, i remember eyeing your hand for a ring that week in public relations class.

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