Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Morning Thoughts

Oh Friday.  I am so happy you are here!  On Wednesday, I thought it was Thursday and was so excited for the weekend to be a day away....but then I remembered it was only Wednesday.  I hate it when that happens!  

This week has been really good.  I guess it started off well with last weekend and just continued on.  It isn't that I had a bunch of events to go to or something like that, I just did what I have been wanting to do: cook healthy food, read and go to sleep early.  It was glorious.  So simple, yet so powerful.  I have yet to dive into the explanation of the change in my eating habits, but I am happy with this weeks progress and feeling much better.  

What has really been on my mind this week are thoughts of when we move back to the US.  While I love Chile and enjoy my life here, I am super excited to move back to the States sometime in the future.  I'd say near future, but it's not so near.  But it is exciting to think about moving back, seeing my family and friends I haven't seen in ages, eating at my favorite restaurants, having access to healthy food markets like Whole Foods or Trader Joes, going shopping for clothes that I actually like and are of good quality, finding quality dance classes and a million other things.  We aren't exactly sure where we will be moving back to though, or exactly when for all that matters.  I love Colorado and wouldn't mind a bit living in Denver and its suburbs.  We'd be in a great city and still close to my parents and most of my friends.  But at the same time, I have day dreams about moving to the East Coast.  Cities that cross my mind: Washington D.C., Boston, Raleigh and of course New York City.  It has always been a dream of mine to move to the Big Apple.  Before studying abroad in Chile, that was my post-graduation plan.  Obviously falling in love and getting married changed my plans a bit (for the better of course!), and part of me started thinking that I would never move to NYC.  I convinced myself that it would be best to just visit (frequently) so that I wouldn't have to worry about living on a strict budget and could instead go to as many Broadway shows, expensive restaurants or swanky bars and shop as much as I want/as much as my travel budget permits.  But after living in Santiago, a 6 million person city, while not anything like NYC, is a big city and we have adapted well....and I totally think it would be possible for us to move to NYC or one of the other big cities previously mentioned.  Even if it was only for a few years, even if we decided we hated it....I think it would be a good experience.  

And that my friends are my early Friday morning thoughts....


Ben said...

I know we're supposed to be happy that it's Friday and all, but all I can dream of right now is the bliss of Saturday morning :)

dregonzrob said...

I heart NYC and when my mom moved back to Chile, before I even started anything with Gonzalo, I had the same plan.
Do it if you can!!! I can't imagine you'll regret it. It's the best city in the world!

KM said...

nyc is awesome. i can totally understand why you'd want to move here ; )

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