Friday, January 30, 2009

Part 1 of Invites--Check!

Remember how I said I ordered part of our wedding invitations? Well they got to my parent’s house already! Within a week of ordering them! My parents said they look awesome and that the colors are perfect….I am S.O. freaking excited! It’s kind of like a nudge of motivation to get the other parts done and ordered just so I can see my visualization come to life. I have loved designing them! I keep trying to think of ways to incorporate the design into other aspects of the wedding, and I’ve got a couple ideas up my sleeve. But it’s all on the down-low unless you are in the wedding party, in which case you probably know everything already. :)

In other news on the wedding front, I am working on getting approval for the trip to the US and some time off for the wedding and our honeymoon. I’ve got approval from one boss, and now we are waiting on approval from the Controller. If all goes as planned, I will be leaving Chile in April and working long-distance from my parent’s house for all of April and May, then taking June 6th to July 5th off of work for the wedding, honeymoon, and time with family. Keep your fingers crossed that I get the approval…!


Mamacita Chilena said...

Woohoo, Tina's got your back, she'll help make sure you can go!!!

La Chilengüita said...

Yes! She's had my back from the beginning, and we have approval from the next-up boss, now we're just waiting for one I guess I've got 2/3 down! :)

Shannon said...

exciting! i wish i was as far as you! I havent figured out what I want to do for my wedding invites yet! Are you having fun planning stuff from Chile?? Its really stressing me out!! So when is your wedding in the US?? Mines the 8th of August I cant wait!!

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