Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A day so meaningful I have no words to describe this feeling...

I can't tell you how amazing it was today to listen to the inauguration of our 44th President. I was at work and I plugged into nrp.org all day long. I tried to actually watch the speech, but the "live streams" were not streaming so smoothly, so I just kept to the radio which came in loud and clear.

Tear were brought to my eyes as I did see the part where Obama was making his way to the stage, somewhere from the inside of the Capital building. History was being made right before my eyes....a moment in history that can never be taken back and that means so much to so many people.

I am glad that Obama was frank in his speech, and told the world of the challenges that are to come and that he fully intends on solving the problems, but that it isn't something that will happen over night. I am so glad that he wants to change the world's perception of our country who, unfortunately, fell into the hands of George W. Bush...arguably the worst President of our country's history.
Obama is a man you know makes good on his words, he is a confident leader, he is intelligent, he is a caring father and all of that shows. I have faith in all he will do and I have great hopes for the change that he is brining to my country. I hope that when I step foot on US soil in a few months, that I will feel the difference in the air.

The whole world was watching Obama today...and they will continue to watch him. But they too have faith that things will change.

Congratulations Mr. Obama--we welcome you with open arms as our President and we have faith in all you will do for our country and for the world.

I just couldn't be more proud of my country for taking the first step toward change and I hope that it will be able to make future changes even with the challenges that are yet to come.

Ahhhh......the emotion packed into this day. I will never forget it.

(All pictures from nytimes.com)


M. DeChelle said...

These pics make me so happy! Change really has come!

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