Thursday, August 12, 2010

Using Google Documents

I started using Google documents last year but not all that frequently, but I use them all the time now. My favorite uses for Google documents are:
  • Menu planning for the week in an Excel calendar because it allows me to visually see which meals I need to plan to make. I just put the title of the recipe to be made and then in the Gmail account that I made to be my digital recipe database, I put the pending recipes in the "Draft" folder for easy access. Once I use the recipe, I delete the draft message to clear out the email folder.
  • List of quotes to remember--every time I come across a quote that I really like, I copy it into a Google Word document that combines all the ones I like.
  • List of books to buy/read--allows me to create a book list of recommendations for books to read or titles & authors to read eventually.
  • Songs to download, list of restaurants to try, places to visit, etc.--same as above. Google docs makes it easy to keep separate lists of things you want to remember. (And yes, I really do have all of these separate lists.)
  • History of bank deposits, etc. or sharing budgets. In general, I don't do my budget online, but Christian and I used to share an excel document of the credit card purchases before I had my own card and used his, so that we could detail who needed to pay what.
I have found Google docs really helpful. The fact that you can access them from any internet access, that you can share them with others and that you can have multiple types of documents, organizing them in folders, etc.

I also use Google calendar to organize myself and remember important events. I have a Birthday calendar in which I put the birthdays of friends & family with reminders to give me heads up about each person's big day. I have a Health calendar where I put in my doctor appointments and reminders when I need to schedule the next appointment. Dulcinea has a special calendar where I can keep track of her vet appointments and get to them easily. If I worked for myself, I would probably schedule my work activities (actually I do this at work) because I work better when I section off my time and focus on one thing at a time.

Do you use any of these functions to help organize yourself???


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