Sunday, August 15, 2010

Domingos de Dulcinea: Princess Dulcinea

I am sure you can tell from this blog, and if you know me in real life through that experience, that Duclinea is one little regalona (spoiled puppy). Christian and I just can't help ourselves. She is just too darn cute!

Yesterday we took her to the park to run around and burn some energy. The weather was amazing, 22ºC and sunny. She loved every minute of it! We met some new salchichas and it is inevitable that one always falls in love with Dulci. This time, it was Gerónimo, a standard tan 2 year old dachshund. Luckily instead of just trying to hump her like the other enamorados (the other dogs in love with her) do, he at least tried to seduce her. We would throw her toys and he would just follow her around everywhere. After a while, she actually started interacting with him which was just too funny. At one point she just gave in, rolling herself onto her back right next to him. I couldn't believe it! We were cracking up. When Gerónimo's mom said it was time for them to leave, he was sooo sad to be parting with his Juliet.

Today the weather is yucky--cloudy and maybe 14ºC. No park for us. And so Christian thought it fitting to take some pictures of Dulcinea instead. What did Dulci have in mind? Well princess pictures of course! So without further ado, I present to you Princess Dulcinea!!!

And now for a close up....


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