Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Buenos Aires 2nd Day

I started my day off yesterday at 6am with power yoga in my hotel room. I asked about the hotel gym, however it doesn't open until 7:30am and that does not give me enough time to eat breakfast and be ready for our training which starts at 8:30am. So luckily I have my new netbook and can do yoga from there.

Breakfast was your typical continental with "eggs", breads, fruits, etc. Training started out with derivatives from 8:30am to 5pm! The good news is that after having seen presentations on derivatives for the past 2 years as well as dealing with identifying them in my day-to-day, it is finally starting to click. I answered a question today and got a t-shirt from our auditors who brought prizes for those who participated. The session after lunch was a bit difficult to digest (pardon the pun), but once we had the afternoon coffee break, everything went much better.

After training ended, I ventured out to about the city with 2 Brazilians who I had just met (they are at the same training too). I didn't buy anything because we just browsed, but I hope to go shopping tonight since it is our free night. We passed by the Obelisco and Teatro Colon and then walked on La Florida street.

Last night we all went to a Tango dance show at Tango Porteño, which is right by the Obelisco on Ava. 9 de Julio. It was awesome!!!!! They gave us a ton of food (most of which I couldn't finish) and put on one helluva show. I had never seen a tango show like that before and it has made me think twice about tango. Now I need to convince my husband to take lessons with me. It is so sensual....I think it would be fun!

Empanadas Argentinas

Salmon with black risotto

Chocolate mousse with passion fruit ice cream

And now for the dancing....

Buenos Aires is such an awesome city. It has such a different air than Santiago. It reminds me of New York, only latino-ized. I love that it has tons of arts, shows, shopping (and way better fashion), and beautiful architecture. I love the styles of the buildings. It has me wondering what it'd be like to live here for a while....hmmmm......


Mamacita Chilena said...

Tyff if you get a chance I highly recommend you visit this restaurant:

Best empanadas ever and a lot of good typical Argentinean dishes (which are similar to many Chilean dishes, but with their own twist so it's interesting to compare).

Andrea said...

I heart Buenos Aires as well and of course, their tango!! I've been to that exact same show and it's awesome! Glad to hear you're having fun (balancing with work and working out!) You rock!

Nick said...

You took some incredible pictures !!! they are awesome. I was in argentina last year staying at my friends apartment in Buenos Aires
He showed me around, that city is incredible, it truly never sleeps ! and the food and wine are amazing, i bet you already know that haha.

Once again, GREAT PICTURES !

KM said...

sounds like you're learning about some pretty cool stuff for your training. and in such a great city. i agree about B.A. - it's a fantastic city. so much to do. so much culture. the architecture is so fabulous too... honestly, there's really no way to compare it to santiago, it's not fair (and i'm not sure why so many chileans try to compare either). i love Stgo but it's not a world class city in the same way. R and i were just talking about maybe wanting to live there at some point. too bad about the corruption. not sure i can live in a country where my money/investments could be expropriated. and how're the meat prices? there was some crazy inflation going on last time i was paying any attention. maybe once the new congress comes into power the country will start to see some change. and hopefully whoever succeeds christina de K won't be such a total nut job. though all argies had for the past way too many years are nut jobs in office. ho hum. love the pix and congrats on keeping up with the workout schedule! very inspiring!

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