Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Making Progress One Check At A Time

When we arrived in Santiago after our joyous trip to the US, one of the first things I did was to make a list of all the things I needed to take care of. My huge wedding to-do list had been swapped out for a Chile to-do list. I’ve been working on the list since the beginning of the month and am making some progress, but seriously, some things me dan lata and others drive me up the wall. Like trying to figure out why my bank is all of the sudden charging me a large monthly fee when supposedly I have a plan with a convenio because I signed up through my work. This entails me calling my ejecutiva repeatedly and asking her what the hell the charge is for. Ok, so the first time I called 2 weeks ago, I was perfectly nice about it and I asked her to check into it because they aren’t supposed to be charging me a dime, er, peso. Never heard anything. So I called again this morning. “Oh, they never sent you an email?” she said, acting surprised. “No, I never received an email. What is the deal with this charge?” I asked politely. And then she proceeded to give me some crap answer...and while she was talking I looked at my account online and saw they had charged me again. So I told her, in a patience-less voice “They charged me again. I think it is a lot of money and I am not happy about paying it since this is supposed to be a free bank account. Please check into it and get them to reverse the charges or I will return to my other bank.” Supposedly I will be getting a phone call from her with more explanations and results of her work. However, I have already put on my calendar that on Friday morning I need to call her and find out what the deal is.

Then there is trying to get my AFP situation straightened out. Oh god what a mess. I swear to you and the whole world that anyone who works for AFP Provida is a freaking idiot. I am SO sick of that damn AFP. I just wish I could tell them to shove it (not like it would matter to them)...but I can’t change AFP until everything with my account gets fixed.

Luckily, sending off my application for Permanent Residency went well (or at least I think it did, I am waiting for them to get back to me) and adding pages to my passport was super easy. One thing I really need to get done, but really don’t want to have to do, is find a nana. Yes, I have sold out. I am getting a nana to come clean my house once per week because I abhor cleaning. So if I can pay someone else to do it, all the better. The problem is that I don’t want to call the list of possible nanas I made and see if they are available, willing to work the hours we are asking (which admittedly are a bit out of the norm), etc. In fact, if you know a nana who is willing to work one day a week at my house, around 3 or 4 hours, just doing cleaning (no cooking needed), either during the weekday evenings (like 6:30ish) or on a Sunday evening…let me know! I know they are strange hours but 1. I prefer not to have a stranger who only comes over once per week alone in my house when my husband or I am not there (and obviously with keys to the house) and 2. we prefer not to have them come on a Saturday because we travel to Viña sometimes so we’d always be rescheduling. Ideally it would be a weekday evening, heck we might even be able to spread it out over 2 nights. And we are willing to pay well for the hours being a bit outside the normal working hours.

Ok, that was my nana plug. I better get busy. Christian and I have got a great project in the works...I’ll let you in on the secret soon!


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