Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I hate it when it rains in Chile

Well, let me re-phrase that, I ate it when it rains in Chile AND I actually have to leave my house and go somewhere. Why? Because you inevitably get wet and never get to dry off. I had to actually take a shower when I got home to warm up! Gotta love winters with no "real" heaters.

On the flip side, the air I breath tomorrow (assuming it is done raining) will be so fresh and clean that I will forget I live in one of the most contaminated cities in the world.


Sara said...

Agreed. I hate it too. It will never cease to surprise me that if I twitter about hating the rain the number of people who will respond that the rain is beautiful and cleaning the air and I should be happy.

Right. I should be happy to have frizzy hair and cold, numb toes.

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