Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Date Night

Life has been quite busy since we got back from our wonderful trip to the US and Mexico. I was worried that I would have post-vacation depression. I mean, how can you not have it after being in the beautiful Colorado summer, with family, eating comida rica and of course having a dream honeymoon and then having to come home to work long hours, to cold, smoggy and cloudy days?! But I am quite surprised that my anticipated depression is much less than what I thought it would be. It is true that lately I have been missing home and sometimes I wish it was still June, but overall I have been too busy to notice the difference. It just seems like June was a dream that you remember vividly....but I can say the same that when I was in the US, life in Chile seemed like a dream too. Like it never really existed.

In any case the whole point is that Christian and I have been occupied with catching up with friends, seeing family, working, and taking care of our (more like MY) Chile to-do list. What we both have missed is spending all day, every day with each other like we did for all of June. It really affects our relationship to be able to spend so much time together and then barely see each other. So we decided to have a date night once a week where we don't get on our computers after work, we don't watch TV (unless we are planning on seeing a movie together) and we just spend some quality time together. We decided that it doesn't have to be anything fancy like going out to eat, because the point is to be together and if we can do that here at home, it's all good.

We started last Monday and made dinner together. Yesterday we made once and watched Twilight (Crepúsculo). It was a good movie! Tonight we kind of had an impromptu date night because we decided to go get some food after work which gave us time to chat about the various decisions that we need to be making (paint our apartment, look for a new apartment, Christmas plans with my parents, our interview with a possible nana tomorrow, etc.). Right now of course we are both on our computers....but since it wasn't official date night I guess that is ok! I had to translate a friend's CV into English and Christian is working on the new project. We should be unveiling it pretty soon so keep close!


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