Friday, March 13, 2009

We now have 2 apartments...

....that is, until we get our furniture moved out (which will mostly be done tomorrow), get the apt. painted and the carpets cleaned and then we can turn in the keys to our old place. Under our contract we have to leave the place in the same conditions that we received it, which were freshly painted and carpet-cleaned. We are still looking for datos (eg. contact information) for maestros who will do this—so if you know of anyone, please let me know!

Christian also confirmed that a two more people from his work have volunteered to come help tomorrow so we are good to go! 4 men and 2 women should be sufficient, especially since we won’t be moving over the kitchen stuff right now. And really we only need the guys to move the heavy stuff cuz I plan on putting our folded clothes in our suitcases, wheeling it over to the new place, and putting them on the shelves. The clothes that are hung in our closet will be carried over by hand (oh this is so glorious not having to pack up everything!) (Thanks to those of you who were checking your plans for Sat. thought, we appreciate it!)

We did buy a refrigerator and stove yesterday as well as some light fixtures (I said bye-bye to my bonus from work all within 1 hour). The appliances are set to be delivered yesterday so once the fridge sits for at least 24 hours after it is delivered, then we’ll start bringing over the kitchen stuff.

I’m not quite sure when we’ll start painting, but I know we will start with our bedroom. I’ve already got a vision for the space and am SO excited to start on it. This whole move, and the fact that we will be re-decorating a bit, has got us thinking about whether or not we actually should invest in an apartment in Chile. Once we move back to the US, we’ll be able to rent it out and pay the mortgage that way. Right now I still feel like we are living like college students, which after 5+ years and 1 year of being married, I am, quite frankly, sick of. So perhaps we’ll look into that more seriously after the wedding. I think we’ve got enough on our plates for now—wedding planning, moving, and working!


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