Friday, March 27, 2009

My Sting is Lethal

That's right. I'm a Scorpio and all that you imagine a Scorpio to be. When someone wrongs me, I have no mercy. I'm quick to put on my boxing gloves. I like to prove my point.

Our previous landlord is not wanting to return to us the proportional amount of rent for the days that we are no longer living in the apartment. It's a whole big thing that she is trying to say the contract stipulates one thing and thus she can keep the money. But the contract stipulates a lot of things that she hasn't done--like when she gave us the notice to leave (since she needed to move back in), she didn't do it by a notarized letter as it specifies should be done. The rental agreement also included a bodega (storage unit), and we should have had 100% of that unit, but she's been using more than half of it the ENTIRE time we have rented from her. So if she isn't playing by the rules of the contract, there is NO WAY IN HELL I am going to let her keep that money (no matter how much or little it is) just because the contract says something. It isn't fair and she is just taking advantage of us cuz she doesn't have the money to pay us back. Not my f*ing problem that she doesn't have the money. We will get it back.

My husband just wants to end the whole thing and let it go. I will do no such thing. I'm trying to gather as much venom as possible the sting even worse. I am PISSED!!!!!!


Mamacita Chilena said...

What a freaking headache.

In the end though, if sweet talk and threats don't work, to get that money back you may have to end up going to court (where you'll surely win, laws definitely favor renters here), but court will be so expensive it might not be worth it.

La Chilengüita said...

Seriously I know, when I thought the bad luck was wearing off.....nope! March has been such a horrible month!

I sent Pedro an email with a brief summary of the situation to see if he could guide me in the right direction. He responded saying that we are in the right and she is wrong. He also said that it is important to weigh the costs of what we are owed vs. how much it costs to go to court, but that he would take our case if necessary. I told him a million thanks for just telling me that I am right. Now I plan to use that to scare the shit out of this dueña so she gives us our money back.

So thanks for the dato!!!

Emily said...

At least there's some good news! I was going to suggest that you look into sending your own carta notarial confirming that she asked you to move out on such and such a date. Since there's no carta right now, I worried that she might even be able to say that the contract is still valid and you guys owe her even more. Sounds like Pedro's got it under control though...good luck!

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