Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pucha, en serio?

Christian's computer died early this morning and unfortunately nothing can be done. We lost pretty much all of the pictures we had taken in Valpo & Viña for my awesome wedding project. Before I knew all of this information, I was all jazzed about writing on the group blog topic and posting it tomorrow...but se me fueron las ganas (I lost all want). So yeah, I guess I'll get around to writing it when I'm a bit more animated. In reality it will be a post that takes quite a bit of energy considering the 2nd part of the topic is why will you leave Chile or why will you stay.

He had just done a back-up in January.....but we still lost all of that hard work. This freaking sucks.


Emily said...

OH NO! Girl, I am so sorry. Fingers crossed that some computer guy will tell you that you can actually salvage some stuff (I have an office full of them if you want a second opinion) and good luck trying to get everything organized again.

Maeskizzle said...

dude, suck! I'm so sorry. :(

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