Friday, February 20, 2009

Seriously a Sign of Age

How, at the age of 24, can drinking half a bottle of red wine equal a stomach ache in the morning and being dead tired (ie. mini-caña)? Seriously.....just 3 years ago I was going out like a mad woman, maybe even getting 3 or 4 hours of sleep on school nights and still kicking ass in my classes? Today I just wanted to stay in bed and sleep allllllllll day long.

In any case, hanging out with Heather last night was totally worth it! Thanks for coming over Heather & bringing the wine corks....I'll be getting started on the wedding projects asap!

Now, off to work I go.....


Isabel said...

i remember seeing an email on chilespouses about needing wine corks for a wedding, but i totally forgot about it. i'd be happy to save mine if you still need some. let me know!

Maeskizzle said...

puuusha. Sorry you had a mini-caña. That sucks. I had a good time as well. We should do it again, but let's see if things go better with mojitos or caipirísimas. hehehehe. Besos,

La Chilengüita said...

@Isabel--Thanks for the offer. I'll let you know if I end up needing more, Heather brought me like 300 yesterday so I gotta see if we're good with that. They look like they are in great shape.

P.S. to all--I am totally craving an Einstein Bagel's blueberry bagel egg & bacon sandwich right now....seriously, I miss that not living in Boulder now.

Emily said...

I feel you. I think it's not so much age at this point as it is being out of shape. Drinking's like exercise, you have to work up to being good at it! Haha, senior year I could go out 5 nights a week and sleep like 6 hours and be tired but functioning, and now if happy hour runs til 12 I'm dead the next day. I refuse to believe 2 years has made that much of a difference.

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