Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Horror Nights 2008

Some "lovely" pictures from our Halloween here in Chile. Thanks to Emma for hosting the fiesta at her place!!!

The zombie finger cookies that Christian made, complete with
strawberry-tasting blood on each end!

I have been obsessed with Phantom of the Opera since the 3rd grade
and I finally was able to be Christine!!!

Heather & Vuko starring in Kill Bill.....except we should have re-named it "Kill Vuko". Hahahaha...oh right, and Vuko is dressed up as a Chilean soccer player.
Emma as a pokemona (one of the most popular Chilean tribu urbanos)

Diego as The Crow. Christian painted his face and event though it was
a last-minute costume, it turned out really well!!!

**All images provided by the hubbs**


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