Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tip-Toeing To Work

It has now happened to me twice (you think I would have learned the first time)—the stub of my heels has fallen off on the way to work. This first happened about two and a half months ago and I didn’t notice it until I heard a strange clanking sound. Yes, that was the sound of the metal part of the heel hitting the pavement as I was strutting my stuff in my favorite hot pink heels. Then today, as I was walking inside the metro station, I kept slipping more with my left foot. Once I got to a point where I could take a look at my shoe without being trampled by human traffic, I saw that I was in the same boat again. This time the stub didn’t fall off, no not at all…what really happened is that it wore down to the metal part! Yes, that is what happens to heels here in Chile—sidewalks kill them!

Luckily there are a ton of shoe repair places in Chile. I’m sure that is because demand has not died down thanks to the perpetual shoe homicides. In the States, I can’t recall ever even seeing a shoe repair place like the ones here…maybe just in the movies. The first time I had to take my shoes to the repair man, I had to leave them there for 3 days or so. I’m sure there are places that do immediate work, but the whopping $3 they charged me to fix them was worth the wait. I’ll have to take these heels there too, but obviously not today or I won’t have shoes to walk home in!

So what is a gal to do when her heel stub falls off? My advice is to take a taxi cab to wherever you need to go in order to avoid walking on the sidewalk, BUT if you can’t avoid walking, then try to walk on your tip toes more than anything. For example, the shoes I’m wearing today have a very low heel so it is easy to get away with tip-toeing. Plus it is a good calf workout too!


Amanda said...

Yeah! What is with the heel eating sidewalks? Santiago streets eat up my shoes like candies. And if they aren't eaten up they just turn coal black. I hate it! Is it because I walk more in Santiago? (obviously the blackness is from the pollution)

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