Monday, October 20, 2008

Time Has Stopped

Why is it that when we really need time to “pass” quickly, or at least seem like it is, it never does? But of course, when we want to savor each moment, time beats the speed of light?

The very thing happened to me at work today. First of all, I am sick. Yuck. A cold and no fun right when summer is starting. And since my symptoms just started today, I have felt progressively worse. In the morning, my throat felt a bit funny but I tried to chalk it up to allergies (after all they have been crazy strong this year). The morning flew by quickly and I was able to read a good chunk of the 160 page contract I am currently analyzing. However, during the day, the funny feeling turned into pain, my body started to feel strange and weak, and my concentration started to fly out the door as sleepiness entered the picture. Then, at around 4:45pm, it seemed as if the time stopped. I would try to read as much as I could in the contract before getting confused, perhaps get up and walk around a bit, drink some water, or call my husband, and then look at the clock—and not even 10 minutes had passed. That made the rest of the work day hard to get through because I had visions of my bed and a hot bowl of soup dancing through my head.

What I wouldn’t give if time:

*Would speed up when: we are sick, work/school is boring, we are crammed on the hot subway or stuck in traffic, we are traveling to see loved ones, and bad things happen.

*Would slow down when: we spend time with loved ones, you meet the love of your life, moments like your wedding day or child’s birth happen, you eat a good meal, and we are having fun and laughing.

The other fome thing about feeling sick is that I had planned on going to the gym…but considering I barely had enough energy to get home in Transantiago, I don’t think going to the gym would be a good idea. Thus I have resorted to taking care of some blogging/email/wedding loose ends and go to bed early.

What are the times in your life you wish time would fly/crawl by?


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