Monday, October 6, 2008

Help Someone Else by Helping Yourself

One of my new gringa friends, Kyle, and her Chilean husband are up to something AWESOME. They have decided to give the gift of knowledge to a less fortunate person here in Santiago who has worked his butt off to get where he's at....Unfortunately, now he has hit a plateau all because he lacks a higher education which is the requirement for any type of decent salary in this country. Kyle and her hubby have decided to fund this young man's 2.5 year degree in order to help him get ahead in life.

Now, don't jump to conclusions here....Kyle nor her counterpart are rich, old people--they are both under-30 hard-working young adults. S. (Kyle's hubby) works in construction, which in Chile means like 6 days a week, and 10-12 hour days--no joke. Kyle works long days as well between being a professional blogger and a super-star up-and-coming photographer. In fact, her photography is what is going to help pay for this other young man's education.

Kyle has decided that any sales she has in photography prints and postcards between today and Nov. 6th will ALL, 100%, go towards funding the first, second, and how every many more semesters the money can stretch....and if print sales aren't enough...these two generous people are going to foot the bill with their normal salaries!

Right, so how can you help someone else by helping yourself? Well check out Kyle's pictures and postcards and BUY them! The more we all buy, the more money will be raised for this young kid's education. The best part about it for those of you in Gringolandia (USA) is that shipping is FREE. For those of us in Chile....well I don't really know how shipping works, but Kyle explains it all here on her blog. So by buying yourself something, you are taking part of changing someone's life.

All I can say is:
1. If you want to read more about Kyle and her hubby's decision and the selected young man's story, check this out.
2. If you want to buy some photography prints to spruce up your house or give as a gift, check this out.
3. If you want to send some awesome Chile postcards around the world, check this out.


Mamacita Chilena said...

Thank you so much Tyffanie! I appreciate you taking the time out to write a post about the cause, everybody who spreads the word is really helping!

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