Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Afternoon Update

La pega (work): Things are work are going well. There’s the ups and downs, frustrations and breakthroughs, but overall I’m enjoying learning more about IFRS and the business world in Chile. Mis compañeros del trabajo (co-workers) are all very friendly and willing to help out when I have no idea what is going on. I’m not working as many hours as I was before (said as she crosses her fingers) because I finished that huge translation project. It turned out really well and both the other girl and I finished it right on time. The manager who we were working with sent an email to our division’s partner highlighting how well we had done. I’ve been doing quite a bit of translation work or reviews in addition to the work on client projects and general IFRS material. I like being able to review or do translations because it is a chance to expand my vocabulary and learn how to use my Spanish in a more professional manner (ie. technical speak).

Nuestro hogar (our home): The newest on Padre Mariano (the name of our street) is that we have the new shower curtain (as you can see in the picture I posted earlier today). A few weekends ago we also bought a vacuum cleaner which was a necessary investment. Now I’m looking to get a new iron because the one we currently have is about to short out. I always get nervous when I want to put water in it. We are also trying to think of new ways to use the space we have because our closet just isn’t big enough for the both of us. In fact, we keep our jackets in the guestroom closet; Christian has clothes in the bathroom closet and on half of the shelves in our closet; I use the other half of the shelves and my dress clothes also occupy the majority of the hanging space. You might be thinking that we have too many clothes….but I think not!

False Advertising: Christian and I researched several gyms that are close to our house to figure out the best one to join. We were going to go with the Pacific Club on Manuel Montt because it is the newest gym, they are open 7 days a week (on the flyer it specified the hours on Monday-Friday and the hours on Sat., Sun. and holidays) and they had a 2x1 offer on year-long memberships that knocked down the monthly price to around $50 for the both of us. Tuesday evening after work we decided to walk over and sign up. When we got there the receptionist gave us each a contract to read before we moved forward in the process.

I started to read the contract and the first line in the contract specified again the days and hours that the gym was open. I continued reading, and it was just your standard contract, and then as I was approaching the end, the receptionist said “Oh, the only difference in the contract is that we aren’t open on Sundays or holidays”. Christian and I just looked at each other—you have got to be kidding me?! That was one of the strongest reasons that we decided to come to Pacific Club and obviously Sundays and holidays are days when we actually have time to use the gym (versus a work day). So we stopped right there, said we’d think about it, and left.

That is totally false advertising on the part of Pacific Club. All of the flyers that we had ever picked up, which are specific to each gym location might I add, said they are open 7 days a week. How many people do you think they have tricked into signing a contract and then not being able to go as frequently as they wanted. Not cool.

So we’re going to our second favorite gym—a Canadian/Chilean gym that is still only 10 minutes from our house and has all of the same perks and equipment except that it really IS open 7 days a week.

Miércoles Libre (Wednesday Off): This past Wednesday was a religious holiday which meant no work for us! Instead we slept in, went and took pictures at the Park of the Sculptures, and then relaxed in the afternoon. We were each doing our own thing on our laptops and then we watched the first episode of “Casado con Hijos”. I wish every Wednesday was a holiday…it would make working so much more relaxing. Two days of work, one day off, two days of work, two days off!

La Comida (Food): Of course a blog entry wouldn’t be complete without talking about food. Obviously I have some talent for talking about food since, as my friend Danielle put it, she couldn’t ever talk as much about an orange as I did. Tuesday night I made the Lemon Chicken Couscous recipe from the Southbeach diet book (with the help of Christian who cut up and cooked the chicken). It turned out delicious, but unfortunately Christian didn’t like it much because he claims that the couscous has a strange flavor. I guess that means more couscous for me! When we went to the grocery story on Wed., he bought some ribs and cooked up some BBQ ribs (using BBQ sauce imported from the US). They turned out to be so good that I even ate some, which is not very typical.


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