Friday, September 10, 2010

Recuperating & Trying to Avoid Stress

Yesterday Christian got the ok from the doctor to come home so I went around noon to pick him up at the hospital.  He is now at home and resting in bed.  He has medical license for 11 days and has to go see his doctor for a follow-up next week.  He is supposed to get up and move around the house during the day as well as rest.  The doctor said the worst thing to do would be just lay down the whole time.  He has to follow a "bland" diet so hopefully this weekend I can take the items he is able to eat and make something more exciting than crackers with jam or jello-o with fruit.  He is recuperating and I am sure every day he'll be a little bit better.

I, myself, am trying to not stress out as much as possible.  Work has been a madhouse.  I have a lot of projects to work on (which I like) and new issue to investigate are coming up all the time but I slowly feel myself sinking under a pile of things that I seem to never be able to finish.  This drowning feeling is not one which I welcome and thus I have been feeling stressed and pressured lately.  This is apart from the stress of this week with Christian's surgery.  I trusted the doctor and the hospital was great, but any time a loved one has major surgery it puts some deal of stress on you, even if you try not to let it.  And then there are some other factors that I can't mention here that have added more stress.  Mostly things out of my control, but for me, those are the worse type.  Logically I know I shouldn't let these external factors bother me, but it is something I almost can't help.  I am trying best I can to push any negative thoughts out of my mind, but once in a while they creep in.  I have been keeping up my gym routine this week too in order to help combat the stress.  But my leg started hurting this week on top of everything else and yesterday no amount of IB profin was taking the pain away.  This, in turn, meant that yesterday when I got home from work I only wanted to do two things: 1. eat and 2. sleep.  After eating, helping out the husband and giving him a massage I was able to go to bed.....but my mind and body were still so accelerated from everything that has been going on that I couldn't fall asleep for over an hour.  And my leg was killing me.  Ugf.  

So sorry if I haven't been blogging much and more than that, if you are one of the 30+ people to whom I owe an email, please be patient.  My inbox it out of control right now and I am trying to respond as soon as I can.  



Anonymous said...

I just left you a comment on your post where you mentioned he was having surgery for a hernia. I hope that his recovery goes smoothly! And I hope that you are able to find some zen in all this :)

Tyffanie said...

Thanks Sara! He is doing well...just bored of being cooped up in the house now!

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