Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Good & Bad of the Husband

The great news with respect to my husband is that he won the CORFO English scholarship which means he'll get about 3 months of super intense English classes for almost nothing!  We have to pay like $200 as a deposit and to guarantee his spot, but considering he will be in class 6 days a week, 3 hours a day....that is about 216 hours in total and would probably normally run you over $2000 if you calculate that one hour classes run you minimum $10.  I am so excited about this because he had to have an intermediate level of English to even get the scholarship (intermediate being between 400-600 points on the TOEIC).  CORFO sent him to take the TOEIC in early July and he scored within the range and was accepted into the program! Waaahooo! This means his English is going to increase greatly in the next few months which is awesome considering we want to move back to the US in the short term.

The bad news is that today he has to have surgery for a hernia.  He found a highly recommended doctor who has been amazing so far so I am confident it will all work out well.  Please do keep him in your thoughts as well as the doctors & nurses caring for him (so that they are thinking clearly and putting his needs first).  I'm at work for a few hours this morning and then will be taking him to the hospital around lunchtime.  I'll post an update when I can to let you know how it goes.



Mamacita Chilena said...

Lots of good vibes, I hope all goes well with the surgery!!!

Andrea said...

Good juju to Christian!!

Emita said...

thinking of you and christian! best wishes to him for his surgery.

Anonymous said...

I saw your most recent post first and then I had to look back to see what he had surgery for. My brother had hernia surgery when he was really young. I doubt he even remembers it, but I know my parents were very worried about it.

I'm glad he is doing better!

L applied for the same corfo scholarship and felt totally dejected because he scored a 750 on the toeic and they told him it was too high. I was like, isn't that good? He didn't think so. It sounds like a really great deal. All those classes and they only have to pay a small matricula!

Tyffanie said...

@Sarabeck--yes it is kind of crazy that you have to score within a specific range for the classes, but I think it makes sense because over a certain score, you probably need more specialized classes like one-on-one, etc. That is awesome that L got a 750!
Hope your recovery is going well!

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