Friday, October 16, 2009

Good Luck Isa!

Today, one of my bosses is having surgery.  And not just a simple in-and-out surgery....she is getting her stomach removed because at the beginning of September they found a cancerous tumor in there.  Apparently the type of cancer is very aggressive so although the tumor is small, they are taking the entire organ in order to mitigate future risks of it coming back.  I honestly don't know the whole story, that is just what we have been told about the whole thing.  She has been out of the office ever since she found out and just like we did with Joaquin, we have been getting together to pray for her (& her family) and send them buenas ondas

We aren't sure what time the surgery will take place today, nor how long it will take....but I ask again that everyone keep her in your thoughts.  If all goes as "planned", she should only be in the hospital for approx. 3 weeks after the surgery.  However, the doctor said she will lose at least 10 kilos (approx. 20 lbs) and that is A LOT for her....she is already super tiny.  I really hope that all goes well and no matter how long it takes her to recover, that she is cancer free.  She has three small children, a husband, family and friends who need her and who are rooting for her.  I know she has taken all of the news really well, she has been calm and had peace of mind which I think is really important before going into such an important surgery.  Her faith has kept her strong.  

We really miss her in the office and can't wait until she comes back :)

¡Buena Suerte Isa....qué los doctores hagan su mejor esfuerzo y qué todo salga bien!



Sara said...

I realized that this commented is belated and that your boss is well and recovering at the moment. I will keep her in my thoughts.

La Chilengüita said...

Thanks Sara! I appreciate it. The surgery went well and she is doing hopefully she keeps it up!

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